I’m Benjamin Gray. I’m a UX Designer.

UX Design. So many definitions, right? So let me clear up where I’m coming from. Most of the time, I’m focused on information architecture and content modeling. And I spend a good deal of time working with my teammates in visual design and in development. But that’s most of the time. I also work on product design and requirements writing, visual design, and developing front-ends and CMS’s.

(And there’s that list above if you want to know what else I get up to.)

University News Site and Publishing Process

This university needed a redesign of their school-wide publishing platform. I worked with several of their team members and users to understand their publishing needs and then designed a way to make the process better within the limitations of the CMS.

Designing a more useful trip suggestion

Rethinking what a ‘trip idea’ should be on a state tourism site to make it more useful to people planning their vacations. I was responsible for research, content design, and writing the first version of several new itineraries to be used as writing guides.

Content-First Redesign of Two University Sites

The client runs two sister universities and needed a new site for both. I was responsible for the information architecture and page-level content models and layouts. I also planned out a modular design system with their dev team.